Black Pearl Lam

White Pearl Lam

Red Abalone Lam

Blue Abalone Lam

Purple Abalone Lam

Golden Pearl Lam

OC Shell

Made of thin feathers of shells inlaid to create iridescent laminates. They are supplied in sheets and are easy to cut and install.

Mother or Pearl & Abalone Seashells

20 x 20 cm, 30 x 30 cm and
23 x 13 cm sheets.

Acrylic spray

0.3 mm

Suitable substrates:
Wood, plexiglass, MDF, metal, concrete, stone, and glass

Clear gloss. Two-pack poly urethane

Interior application: Flat and curved wall and surface coverings. May require extra protective coating when used in bathroom areas.

Always inform us with your intended application before you order.